CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION  of the Real Easter Egg has been moved from mainland Europe to Oxfordshire - due to the level of demand for our eggs.

The move to Banbury means the Real Easter Egg is now a fully UK manufactured product. We have also taken the opportunity to improve our blend of chocolate so it is better than ever.

The Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, acting Bishop of Oxford, said: 'The Real Easter Egg began its public life in 2009 encouraged by individuals, churches and schools in Oxford Diocese. So it is fitting that sales are sufficient to warrant Fairtrade chocolate being moved to Banbury. I pray for all those involved, the workforce, the creative team behind the idea and those who will read the Easter story for the first time in 2016 and discover the Good News of hope and new life.' (pictured Acting Bishop of Oxford, Rt Revd Colin Fletcher and  Kieran Shaw from Barry Callebaut)

Increased sales have also meant a bigger Fairtrade Premium is paid to farmers who grow the sugar and Cacao used in the egg's production. Cash from the premium is used to invest in their communities, where everything from schoolbooks to solar panels has been purchased.

Buy the eggs here 

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