With more than £200,000 raised for good causes so far, here is our recent cheque handover for Real Easter Eggs sold in 2016. The Real Easter Egg helped raise a further £3,000 which are not included on this cheque. We are very proud that we are the UK's only Fairtrade charity Easter Egg and that the money we donate goes to help Traidcraft Exchange. 

Every egg we sell also contributes to the Fairtrade Premium which benefits those who grow our sugar and chocolate. 

Our final order deadline is 4pm on 10th April. You can find all our retailers at www.realeasteregg.co.uk/shop

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Real Easter Egg Competition Winners Announced
We had a huge entry for our competition this year. After quite some time judging and deliberating, we are delighted to present the winners, runners up..

Cathedrals and smaller museums lead the way in Fairtrade Tourism chocolate
This Fairtrade Fortnight it has been revealed that Elizabeth Gaskell's House Museum, near Manchester, is part of a group of visitor attractions which are leading led the way by switching their souvenir chocolate bars to Fairtrade.

Competition Launched
Win £250 for the winning primary school, secondary school and Sunday school or Messy Church with runners-up prizes of £150 for second placed entries

The secret of cheap Easter Eggs
You can often find cheap Easter eggs. They look like a bargain. So, as it is Fairtrade Fortnight, I thought you should know some of the facts. My advice is always check the label as it can be a shock to discover the creamy taste of your favourite chocolate brand is derived from cold fast food fat or oil used in face cream– and not natural Cocoa butter. Click heading for details and video.

Sweet moment as chocolate production of egg comes to Oxford
CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION of the Real Easter Egg has been moved from mainland Europe to Oxfordshire - due to the level of demand for our eggs.

The egg that shares the Easter story in 2017
The new look Real Easter Egg 2017 range has been launched.

Are supermarkets hiding The Real Easter Egg.
Some customers are complaining that they cannot find the egg on display even though it is in stock.

Our Real Easter Egg 2016 designs were launched by donating more than £11,000 to Traidcraft Exchange.

The Real Easter Egg 2016 has had a redesign!
This year The Real Easter Egg range has had a makeover

Shelf Wars - Supermarket news
Shelf wars: The Real Easter egg battles it out with Darth Vader and the Daleks.

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